Great App To Map Out User Experience

est. 2 minutes

  • So you come up with a new idea every other day?  That’s not crazy.  Well, it might seem like it to your significant other, friends and family, but it’s not crazy.  I know that I’m always coming up with new ideas and when I tell Whitnee (my fiancé), “Hey, babe.  What do you think of ____?  It’s like this and this and (this is where she tunes me out).”

    Well a recent app I came across might help you visualize those ideas a bit more… and hell, it might even help whoever you are sharing the idea with make sense of it all.  Best of all, it might help you realize an idea just doesn’t make a lot of sense before you waste a bunch of money on design and development!

    POP – Prototyping on Paper – check it out, it’s free!

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