Use This Plugin To Easily Add Images (like clickable Ads) To Your WordPress Sidebar

est. 2 minutes

  • I use the Image Widget plugin often, it’s the easiest way to add images to your sidebar without having to create any custom code.

    This comes in handy if you want to add an image and link it to a web page.  Want to add an image that links to a product or service you offer? Or maybe you want to add an image in your sidebar that links out to an affiliate link or sponsor page.  In either case, the Image Widget plugin is the way to go.


    1. Download the plugin here and install/activate it like you would with any other WordPress plugin.
    2. In the back-end, navigate to Appearance > Widgets.
    3. Drag the widget labeled “Image Widget” to the sidebar of your choice (depending on your theme you may have more than one option to the right side of the screen).
    4. Add an image and if you want the image to link somewhere, then make sure to add the link in the designated field.
    5. Save it and there you go!  You have now easily added an image widget to your sidebar.

    If you want to get super fancy and get a custom image designed (maybe you want a custom image to advertise your product or service), then please feel free to contact me and we can talk more.

    Finally! Everything you need to create your own amazing course website without hiring a designer and team of 1,987 nerds!

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