Who doesn’t like some praise now and again?!  My clients are the only reason I am able to keep doing what I love to do and it is because of them that I have been so successful.  I’m thankful for every nice thing my clients have said about me and I only hope to keep growing this collection.

  • Brad has a rare skill set that combines beautiful design, flawless coding, and great UX. As a small business owner I wasn’t sure what to expect giving complete control of my digital presence to one person. I could not be happier with the result. Engagement on the site has increased, revenue has gone up 50%, and I get emails every day from members complimenting me on the new look and feel. The site is easier to maintain than I ever imagined and am super thankful Brad always went the extra mile to make the site just right.

    Kevin Butler

    Owner & Web Entrepreneur
    The Chess Website

  • I’ve worked with many developers and designers, ‎and Brad ranks amongst the best, if not the best. He tackled my problems/questions patiently, and delivered an excellent website. I’m really satisfied. He’s not just a service provider, but a business partner. Brad doesn’t just go with the flow and do what you want. He provides valuable input, and sometimes it’s better than what I had mind. In the service industry, smooth and quick communication is a huge plus, and Brad certainly scores in this aspect as well. All in all, it’s a no brainer to hire Brad as your web developer/designer.

    Xavier Tan

    Co-founder, entrepreneur
    Emerge Media

  • I’m OBSESSED with Brad (in a totally non-creepy way, of course :-))

    From our first conversation until finish, everything felt breezy & wonderful. My spiffy new site is clean, fun and totally me! I’m also seriously challenged in the “update your own website” department, but Brad built the back-end so seamlessly, I can literally go in and change/tweak/add whatever I want. He was super responsive to all my questions and phrased things in a way that was easy for a non-techie to understand.

    I literally stare at my screen – mouth gaping open – wishing I found Brad years ago.

    If you’re an entrepreneur, writer, artist – whatever – invest in Brad and you’ll never feel website shame again!


    Blogger & Screenwriter
    Melissa Cassera

  • If you want a highly skilled web developer that goes above and beyond, look no further. Brad seamlessly implemented a heavily customized theme on my site and made it look fantastic. He was there to help out with any confusion I had and promptly delivered. Would use him again and again!

    Alexa Hart

    Web show host & lifestyle blogger
    Atlas Sliced

  • In short, Brad is a web genius who thinks so far beyond other people in his field. It was incredibly refreshing to see that he really cared about the purpose each part of my website needed to serve. And he understands so much about business and being epic online that he was consistently able to offer me insight past what I was thinking. In terms of design, organization, function, and meeting brand goals, there is literally no one on Earth I would recommend more.

    Now, whenever I read testimonials like this, I think, “Is that for real? It sounds tooooo good.” But seriously, I mean every single word and had such a great experience that you can feel free to contact me online so that I can tell you how pleased I was to work with Brad. It is an amazing investment to make in your business and future!


    Digital Queen

  • Before contacting Brad I worked with different designers and agencies.  Until I finally admitted it was a waste of time and money. I came across Brad’s website by learning about his online courses company and I approached him by sending an email (which I also contacted additional designers too). He reacted immediately. We set up a Skype call and that’s how it all started. That’s how WorkWeekFoodie came to life, which is funny now that I think of it with the time perspective.

    One word of caution. If you are looking for just a great web sites designer, do not waste your time with Brad. Simply because he does SO MUCH MORE. If you are like me, a guy with a head full of ideas but you cannot put all these things together, Brad is the best person to help you.

    He didn’t only design my site, which BTW I think is awesome, he literally put all these critical elements together (even helping out with some of the copy). He is a great listener – he takes your vision and understand how to turn that into the best user-experience.  He puts it all into a structured and meaningful format (i.e. a beautiful site) – clean, simple, intuitive and well thought over design. By the way, I’m not a tech guy but that’s not a problem – he will make it very simple for both you as the admin and your users to understand.

    Brad literally came up with the best site name during the site design process. He provided me with the tips regarding related services around the site. He tremendously helped in logo design – supporting me though it was not part of the site design project (i.e. he gave design guidance and recommendations to the graphic designer).  Without Brad the site would never have happened. He is very professional, open-minded, a mega dependable person. He truly delivers the promised work on time. His consultative approach makes him perfect to work with as in the design process you have to make decisions and sometimes you are stuck, but he was never afraid to do more than just design. He was so closely integrated in the conceptual side of the design as if he was programming the site for his own use.  Most of all he is super creative person and combined with his site development skills that makes him the developer you want to have on your project.

    There was never an issue with redoing parts of the site which after some time we did not like. There was never a feeling of him just wanting to finish and charge for the project. Quite the opposite actually. Up to the very launch he was responsive and we even decided to make significant change on some parts of the site to improve the user-experience and it was not an issue at all – Brad actually did more than I was asking because I believe he really wanted to make it work a very specific way.

    I would, and I actually am, recommending his services to anyone I talk to thinking about creating a site.

    To me it is amazing how lucky I actually was that I happened to find him. I emailed the guy from literally the other part of the world and now that I look at the site thinking that it all worked is an amazing feat. Highly, highly recommend his work.


    Digital Entrepreneur
    Work Week Foodie

  • Brad is an incredible asset. He’s smart, experienced, creative, honest, available, organized, down to earth, and just an overall talent. He added ease to the challenging task of creating a website – providing guidance and expertise along the way, but also allowing us as a team to follow our own direction. It was amazing to see our ideas come to fruition and executed with such care. We recommend Brad without hesitation – awesome guy and awesome experience!

    Mihal Freinquel

    RobertsPDX, co-founder

  • Working with Brad has been the best experience. He took the ideas that I had in my head for the perfect website, and made them into reality. My site has literally been up for less than a week and it has already gotten more attention than I could have ever imagined (and I have had a ton of people asking me who designed something so awesome!). Thank you, Brad, for your skill, expertise, and understanding. You are truly talented!

    Abbey Ashley

    Marketing Expert
    The Virtual Savvy

  • Just wanted to send you a quick message and thank you for our amazing website! Sorry it took so long, but wow, thanks to the site we are crazy busy! We get compliments constantly and so much business thanks to the look, and ease of navigation, not to mention very mobile friendly! I was completely shocked at how quickly you were able to put it together, I gave you a very short timeline and you met every expectation and exceeded it. Thanks again for your hard work and awesome site! We love it as much as everyone that sees it!

    Heather Beck

    Owner, Dog-lover
    K9 Lifeline

  • Brad created a website with the exact look, feel and functionality we were looking for – he gave us something that every single client has complemented us on. In the Beauty Supplies & Education Industry, you must be careful not to overload, over-do, or over sell your own idea of what is beautiful. We went for a clean, relaxed and open feeling – Brad hit the mark spot on!

    Jill Heijligers-Peloquin


  • Brad was able to understand our company as well as our mission and translate it into a beautiful website. He brought his designer expertise and guided us along to constantly consider the user experience. His craftiness, expertise, and constant communication made for a perfect collaboration to bring our site to life. We look forward to working with him in the future!

    Jasmine McDermott

    Co-founder, entrepreneur
    Z Living Systems

  • I’ve worked with ‘em all. Freelancers. Agencies. Everything in-between. I can say hands down the best person I’ve ever worked with (and continue to work with) for my web development is Brad Hogan. Besides having mad programming skills, the best thing Brad brings to the table is excellent communication and always gets everything done on time. Highly recommended.

    David Siteman Garland

    Serial entrepreneur, web show host, digital product badass
    David Siteman Garland

  • Need a WordPress Website Developer? Hire Brad! Here are three reasons why you should hire Brad Hogan to develop your WordPress site.

    1. Brad is an excellent communicator. He responds to email quickly. You KNOW that’s important. He answers my dumb questions without making me feel like a numbskull. Gotta’ love that!
    2. Brad provides suggestions. Since I’m not a developer and you’re probably not either, I had no idea what features were feasible within my website design. He gave me options and was upfront with the pricing for each. Saved me HOURS of research!
    3. Brad delivers on his promise on-time! Not only was my website ready to go several days before promised, it was nearly perfect! It was painless and stress-free.

    What’s NOT to love?! I liked working with him so much that I created a video testimonial. I’ll be hiring him on an ongoing basis for my website because of the quality of his work and his attention to detail. If you get a chance to work with Brad, snag it!

    Mindi Rosser

    Social media expert & blogger
    Mindi Zone

  • I genuinely love working with Brad.  Since programming and coding seem like a foreign language to me, I needed to work with someone who could take my vision and implement it flawlessly – and that’s just what Brad did for me. He  is not only wildly talented but he truly cares about his clients, making my entire experience stress-free and extremely valuable to my business.

    Amy Porterfield

    Social media expert & entrepreneur
    Amy Porterfield

  • Brad is not only fabulous to work with, but he is hands down one of the best web developers I’ve ever worked with. Brad is a necessity for any team wanting to build a website which stands out and functions at the top of their game. His outstanding web development skills, efficient follow through, and excellent communication skills make Brad an absolute necessity for any web project I will work on now or in the future.

    Shelly Roby

    Blogger & web show host
    The Firebelly Chronicles

  • Brad has programmed several different websites for me and my only complaint is that I don’t have the opportunity to work with him full-time. Brad has many great qualities that are hard to find in a freelance programmer; he is communicative, responsive, personable, and makes great suggestions that have improved the UX of our projects. Brad is reliable, professional, and provides quality work on or before project deadlines. I highly recommend Brad as a programmer and look forward to working on more projects with him in the future.

    Brittany Bennett

    Co-owner, project manager & marketing guru
    WebBrand Agency

  • Brad came into my life via our dear friend Natalie, Natalie McGuire Designs. I was in need of a website makeover and Natalie referred me to Brad based on his mad web development skills. From the get go, Brad’s communication, patience and attention to detail have made him golden in my book. I love my site and I loved working with him.

    Kirstie Wight

    Owner & make-up artist
    Kirstie Wight Makeup

  • Creating a new website is a very individualized and comprehensive project. Brad made this entire process flow with ease. He took all of my complex ideas and seamlessly made them work. As a non-techie – that’s exactly what I needed!

    Brad’s professionalism and attention to detail were so refreshing. He took the extra time to answer all of my detailed questions and make sure that my project got off the ground quickly and with ease. Brad is a pro at what he does and he delivers – BIG TIME! If you want top notch work delivered impeccably every time, then Brad is your man.

    Michael Knouse

    Start-up ninja, entrepreneur & web show host
    The Startup Sessions

  • Brad was a pleasure to work!  I had a dial up internet connection when we had our first meeting as I am computer challenged.  Brad patiently explained everything and sent me step by step email instructions for everything related to my new site.   He also was willing to meet and give me a lesson on how to manage the site.   I can’t recommend him enough.   I only wish I would have done this sooner and had I known how easy and painless the process would be I would have.

    Judy Reese

    Owner & baker
    Judy Reese Dream Cakes

  • Working with Brad on the development of my website was a pleasure. I don’t consider myself to be a technical person, so I had a lot of questions that, while they may have been routine (or, dare I say, dumb), Brad never treated them as such. He answered all of my (many) questions thoroughly and with great patience. His professionalism, promptness and follow through were all essential elements that helped ensure that the redesign and relaunch of my website/blog were successful. I wouldn’t hesitate to work the Brad in the future.

    Nancy Granada

    Chef, blogger & entrepreneur
    Kindred Kitchen