I’m not going to lie, Regina might be the best client I’ve ever worked with (so good luck topping her if you plan on working with me!).  Seriously, she just has her stuff together.  Very organized, very open to my suggestions.  It’s like she had 100% trust that I knew what I was doing!  Crazy concept and I loved every second of it.


So, the project.  Regina has a pretty HUGE following on her site and for good reason – she puts tons of time (often weeks) of  into creating her content and most of what she posts is… free!  I know, crazy.  She does have some courses and eBooks (which I highly recommend) too that she puts even more time into and makes seriously fantastic content (check it out)!


Regina came to me and basically wanted to simplify her life and make things just overall look and work better.  Her site was not terrible by any means, it was on a standard Genesis theme and it worked, sort of worked on mobile, she grew her audience, grew her email lists and successfully sold her products through 3rd party sites like Amazon.


BUT… who wants to manage products in ten different places?  And who wants a design that anyone can purchase for $30?  NOT Regina.  So, we created a gorgeous and super easy to use custom WordPress theme that had it all!  The new site not only looks awesome (oh, was I supposed to be modest?), but it is fully responsive, extremely easy for Regina to manage and we were able to integrate WooCommerce and get all of her products in one place!  Boom!

Client Love

In short, Brad is a web genius who thinks so far beyond other people in his field. It was incredibly refreshing to see that he really cared about the purpose each part of my website needed to serve. And he understands so much about business and being epic online that he was consistently able to offer me insight past what I was thinking. In terms of design, organization, function, and meeting brand goals, there is literally no one on Earth I would recommend more.

Now, whenever I read testimonials like this, I think, “Is that for real? It sounds tooooo good.” But seriously, I mean every single word and had such a great experience that you can feel free to contact me online so that I can tell you how pleased I was to work with Brad. It is an amazing investment to make in your business and future!

Projects Included

  • Responsive web design
  • Custom WordPress development
  • WooCommerce integration and custom cart/checkout design
  • Custom widgets (to minimize sidebar clutter and increase the user-experience)

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