Dana B. Myers

What can I say, Dana B. Myers and her team are fantastic.  We took a pain in the ass to manage Wix website and re-designed and developed a responsive, super conversion-focused WordPress website with all of the bells and whistles!  Seriously, it’s awesome.


With custom landing page templates, I eliminated the need for LeadPages.  I also created custom areas in the back-end that allow Dana and her team to create new email lists in Infusionsoft and easily integrate those into the site without having to even think about crying out for help.  Yes, it’s easy to manage and it’s sexy, which is exactly the sort of site that Dana B. Myers should have, right?!

Projects Included

  • Responsive web design
  • Custom WordPress development
  • Landing page template (with and without video)
  • Infusionsoft integration
  • Custom hover techniques and jQuery that make the site look DAMN good and fun to use!
  • Super custom about page design and functionality

Project Links