Judy Reese Dream Cakes

Judy’s unbelievably delicious cake was no match for her severely outdated website, which is why she contact my colleague (Natalie McGuire) and myself to create a website that would be more catered to her needs.  Judy needed a super easy-to-manage website so she could easily update photos, content and client testimonials.  I developed custom sections in the back-end so that Judy wouldn’t have to call me for every little update, which saves her time and allows her to focus on baking amazing cakes (I know from experience, she made the cake for my wedding!).

Client Love

Brad was a pleasure to work!  I had a dial up internet connection when we had our first meeting as I am computer challenged.  Brad patiently explained everything and sent me step by step email instructions for everything related to my new site.   He also was willing to meet and give me a lesson on how to manage the site.   I can’t recommend him enough.   I only wish I would have done this sooner and had I known how easy and painless the process would be I would have.

Projects Included

  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Photo gallery
  • Slideshow
  • Custom menu options (dynamically update a changing menu)
  • Custom testimonials section

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