Kirstie Wight Makeup

My colleague, friend and the person who designed Kirstie’s website, Natalie McGuire, first mentioned working with Kirstie when my wife (then fiancé) still needed a make-up and hair artist for our wedding.  Natalie gave a glowing review of Kirstie’s services and mentioned that she also needed to revamp her website, it was currently built on HTML and was not easy for Kirstie to manage.  I worked with Kirstie to create not only a gorgeous looking website, but also to make sure the WordPress CMS was super simple to update in the future, adding functionality for her to add photos, videos, testimonials and manage just about everything else you see on her site.  Oh, and we also made the website responsive to cater to brides accessing the website from their mobile devices.

Client Love

Brad came into my life via our dear friend Natalie, Natalie McGuire Designs. I was in need of a website makeover and Natalie referred me to Brad based on his mad web development skills. From the get go, Brad’s communication, patience and attention to detail have made him golden in my book. I love my site and I loved working with him.

Projects Included

  • Custom WordPress theme
  • Multiple page layouts
  • Photo gallery
  • Video gallery
  • Responsive design

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