Language In Bloom

Tammy, founder of Language in Bloom, was an awesome client to work with!  She originally came to me because she was trying to piece together different platforms like WordPress, Wishlist, Learning Dash… i.e. a TON of different plugins and tools.  The goal: to create an online course.


Tammy originally wanted me to just help her get the large list of plugins to work together and ultimately make it so she could launch her online course.  After looking through what she had so far and talking through her goals a bit more, I walked her through my recommendations for creating a custom, responsive design as well as what plugins were necessary and those that we could do without.  We talked about the benefits of having me take on the entire project from start-to-finish versus just piecing together a bunch of things she had downloaded on the web.  Don’t get me wrong, it can be done by piecing things together and I told her that, but it typically ends up looking (and working) like a Frankenstein website!  The up front costs to hiring me to do everything might be a little higher up front, but the end result is ultimately going to lead to happier members and more sales.  So, Tammy decided to take my advice and we were able to create a truly awesome website that included a course, a coaching forum and a responsive design so members could access course material easily from all devices.  Super excited with how this turned out and can’t wait to see more and more people using Tammy’s course to learn a language!

Projects Included

  • Responsive web design
  • Custom WordPress development
  • Landing page (sales page) development
  • Leadpage integration
  • Online course development
  • Stripe payment integration