Jill first reached out to me, like many of my clients, because she desperately needed to re-design her site.  Her site was SUPER outdated – she essentially pieced it together herself on a template from GoDaddy.  Now, on the one hand it’s awesome that she was able to piece together a website on her own and have six-figure sales through her site (sweet, actually).  BUT… when  you have such a large audience buying products from you and the audience is made up of a professional trade… well, at some point it just makes sense to have a look and user-experience that will blow your competition out of the water.  So, that’s what we did.


I re-designed and developed a new site for Jill that is 100% responsive for mobile, moved the entire shopping cart experience to the actual site (versus having to kick customers off to PayPal’s website) and streamlined the entire process of searching for products on her site (her old site was literally just a one-page pseudo infinite page scroll to find products).  Her site has launched and let’s just say her customers are LOVING. IT.  Me too!

Client Love

Brad created a website with the exact look, feel and functionality we were looking for – he gave us something that every single client has complemented us on. In the Beauty Supplies & Education Industry, you must be careful not to overload, over-do, or over sell your own idea of what is beautiful. We went for a clean, relaxed and open feeling – Brad hit the mark spot on!

Projects Included

  • Responsive design
  • Custom WordPress theme development
  • WooCommerce custom shopping cart integration with Stripe

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