Melissa Cassera

As is very common with the people who reach out to me, Melissa had a very outdated, clunky site.  She’d had it up for years and years and just sort of Frankensteined it together.  BUT, have no fear.  We talked through her ultimate goals; she wanted to make her site SUPER easy to read, make her opt-ins very easy to find and wanted the ability to easily sell digital products directly on the site without having to use a full on shopping cart solution.  Well, we did all of that and more!  Her site is one of my favorites in recent history and I can’t take all of the credit, it really helps that she has fun content and great photos.  Melissa was amazing to work with and her website is something I am striving more and more to create – clean, fun, interesting opt-in focused websites that are ridiculously easy for the client to manage (i.e. so they stay looking amazing!).

Client Love

I’m OBSESSED with Brad (in a totally non-creepy way, of course :-))

From our first conversation until finish, everything felt breezy & wonderful. My spiffy new site is clean, fun and totally me! I’m also seriously challenged in the “update your own website” department, but Brad built the back-end so seamlessly, I can literally go in and change/tweak/add whatever I want. He was super responsive to all my questions and phrased things in a way that was easy for a non-techie to understand.

I literally stare at my screen – mouth gaping open – wishing I found Brad years ago.

If you’re an entrepreneur, writer, artist – whatever – invest in Brad and you’ll never feel website shame again!

Projects Included

  • Responsive, clean design
  • Custom WordPress theme development
  • Tons of opt-in integration & customization to make it VERY easy to manage site-wide
  • Stripe & Easy Digital Download plugin integration to allow sale of downloads directly on the site