The Chess Website

Kevin came to me with a big question, “can you help me re-design my site and develop a new one without affected my current site, traffic and paying memberships?”  The answer:  Yes, of course.  Kevin is fortunate enough (and smart enough) to have a killer domain name that, when paired with TONS of quality content, equals hundreds of thousands of uniques a month.


Kevin is a very hands-on, do-it-yourself type of guy who figured out how to piece together a WordPress theme and launch his site many many years back.  Now, I’m not going to bash his old site too much because he still had success with it, but it was… well… not very pretty (or user-friendly).  Kevin knew that it was time he brought in a professional to really take the site to the next level: make it responsive, easy-to-use and ultimately grow the membership side of the business.  After just a month or so with the new site, Kevin got a 50% increase in sales for his memberships.  Yes, that’s right, 50%!  DESIGN DOES MATTER.  Super excited to have helped Kevin’s business and can’t wait to work with him more.

Client Love

Brad has a rare skill set that combines beautiful design, flawless coding, and great UX. As a small business owner I wasn’t sure what to expect giving complete control of my digital presence to one person. I could not be happier with the result. Engagement on the site has increased, revenue has gone up 50%, and I get emails every day from members complimenting me on the new look and feel. The site is easier to maintain than I ever imagined and am super thankful Brad always went the extra mile to make the site just right.

Projects Included

  • Custom responsive web design
  • Migration from old server to new with TONS of content (extra special care needed for sure!)
  • E-commerce integration using WooCommerce
  • Subscription and membership integration
  • Custom WordPress development

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