The Virtual Savvy

Abbey of The Virtual Savvy was switching gears from being a virtual assistant to instead teach people how to grow their businesses through all of the techniques she learned from her various jobs as a VA.  She was successfully starting to grow her email list on her own through Facebook and a constant hustle and decided it was time to jump ship from the default WordPress theme to a custom, well-branded look that would solidify her position as an expert in marketing online businesses.  I helped Ashley create a new site that allows her to keep the user-experience very simple by funneling users into one of three sections of her site.  From there, users can interact with the content that pertains directly to their needs and sign up for opt-ins that are only necessary for their goals – ultimately leading to better user engagement (i.e. users get what they come for and nothing else!).

Client Love

Working with Brad has been the best experience. He took the ideas that I had in my head for the perfect website, and made them into reality. My site has literally been up for less than a week and it has already gotten more attention than I could have ever imagined (and I have had a ton of people asking me who designed something so awesome!). Thank you, Brad, for your skill, expertise, and understanding. You are truly talented!

Projects Included

  • Custom responsive web design
  • WordPress theme development with a focus on opt-in engagement
  • Custom infograph style template with easy to manage back-end capabilities