Work Week Foodie

Man, this project was super fun.  Not only did I get to help Arek create a brand new website for his brand new idea, but I even got to name it!  Arek came to me after running into some issues looking for a designer he could trust.  He shared his vision for what is now Work Week Foodie and I was immediately sold.  Arek had a HUGE passion for his business and also had a TON of content.  I think he officially is the most prepared client I’ve ever worked with – maybe too prepared!  He had notes upon notes upon notes of ideas, what he envisioned for the design and how he wanted his message presented, BUT… he hadn’t found anyone who could bring that vision to life.


After multiple Skype calls and emails, I helped Arek organize his ideas.  From there, we brainstormed the name.   And from there, I started to lay the foundation of the design for the homepage and somehow on the first version, I had Arek in love with what I had created!  The Work Week Foodie site is honestly one of my favorite projects in awhile – it’s always fun to bring something brand new to life, creating an entire user-experience from what was just an idea on paper and then fine-tuning that experience to perfection!

Client Love

Before contacting Brad I worked with different designers and agencies.  Until I finally admitted it was a waste of time and money. I came across Brad’s website by learning about his online courses company and I approached him by sending an email (which I also contacted additional designers too). He reacted immediately. We set up a Skype call and that’s how it all started. That’s how WorkWeekFoodie came to life, which is funny now that I think of it with the time perspective.

One word of caution. If you are looking for just a great web sites designer, do not waste your time with Brad. Simply because he does SO MUCH MORE. If you are like me, a guy with a head full of ideas but you cannot put all these things together, Brad is the best person to help you.

He didn’t only design my site, which BTW I think is awesome, he literally put all these critical elements together (even helping out with some of the copy). He is a great listener – he takes your vision and understand how to turn that into the best user-experience.  He puts it all into a structured and meaningful format (i.e. a beautiful site) – clean, simple, intuitive and well thought over design. By the way, I’m not a tech guy but that’s not a problem – he will make it very simple for both you as the admin and your users to understand.

Brad literally came up with the best site name during the site design process. He provided me with the tips regarding related services around the site. He tremendously helped in logo design – supporting me though it was not part of the site design project (i.e. he gave design guidance and recommendations to the graphic designer).  Without Brad the site would never have happened. He is very professional, open-minded, a mega dependable person. He truly delivers the promised work on time. His consultative approach makes him perfect to work with as in the design process you have to make decisions and sometimes you are stuck, but he was never afraid to do more than just design. He was so closely integrated in the conceptual side of the design as if he was programming the site for his own use.  Most of all he is super creative person and combined with his site development skills that makes him the developer you want to have on your project.

There was never an issue with redoing parts of the site which after some time we did not like. There was never a feeling of him just wanting to finish and charge for the project. Quite the opposite actually. Up to the very launch he was responsive and we even decided to make significant change on some parts of the site to improve the user-experience and it was not an issue at all – Brad actually did more than I was asking because I believe he really wanted to make it work a very specific way.

I would, and I actually am, recommending his services to anyone I talk to thinking about creating a site.

To me it is amazing how lucky I actually was that I happened to find him. I emailed the guy from literally the other part of the world and now that I look at the site thinking that it all worked is an amazing feat. Highly, highly recommend his work.

Projects Included

  • Branding – business name creation
  • Beautiful, responsive web design
  • Custom WordPress development
  • Multiple custom page templates for specific types of content

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