How To Use Soapbox By Wistia To Create Simple Videos

This new Google Chrome extension by Wistia (Soapbox) allows you to create amazing videos on the fly - easily record your screen, yourself or both and share it with the world.

You might be wondering, Brad, why would I need to record my screen and chat in the process?  Well, let me tell you one reason…

Let’s say you’re chatting with tech support for a theme you use or maybe your having an issue with a website you use all of the time – but the tech support insists the issue is NOT happening on their end.  It happens.  We’ve all been there and it’s sooo annoying.  By creating a quick video with Soapbox, you can easily share your screen while you chat.  It’s a great way to eliminate tech headaches and tons of back-and-forth through support emails.

Links mentioned in the video: Wistia Soapbox

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