5 WordPress Plugins You Should Add To Your Website Right Now

I'm generally a fan of less-is-more, especially when it comes to adding plugins to your website. But, there are a handful of plugins that I cannot live without.

The client has sent me their deposit, I have the designs ready-to-go, the only thing left to do is to create a fully functional and awesome website.

First step, well… the standard WordPress install.  But the immediate second step is installing the following WordPress plugins.  They might not be the most glamorous plugins in the world, but they serve as a staple for most of the websites that I create because they are fundamentally useful.

My top five WordPress plugins that I use no matter what (unless a client tell me no, of course):

#1: All-In-One-SEO Pack

Why?  Other than it being one of the most downloaded plugins for WordPress, this plugin offers simplicity and frequent updates.  Simplicity is super important in my book and I have yet to come across a situation where this plugin conflicted with another plugin or theme that I was using on a website.  The frequent updates to the plugin also shows you that the developers are actively trying to make it better.  I highly recommend All-In-One-SEO Pack for your SEO plugin solution.

#2: BackUpWordPress

Why?  Because you should have a backup of your website!  There are many WordPress backup options and I’ve tried a few, but BackUpWordPress seems to be the easiest to manage, which is a bonus for a backup plugin that backs up your database and website files!

#3: Google Plus Authorship

Why?  Because it has the potential to get more traffic to your website.  You might notice that some Google search results nowadays have a profile pic next to the article snippet.  I know, this might appear to be magic or some premium service Google makes you pay for; however, it’s not.  Simply set up and configure the Google Plus Authorship plugin and you too can have your profile pic appear next to your articles in Google.  Keep in mind it may take some time for your photo to appear – Google has to re-crawl your site and find this fancy new plugin you’ve added.

#4: WP No Category Base

Why?  Because it removes /category/ from your permalinks, which will ultimately make your URLs more powerful (i.e. better SEO potential).  And plus, it just looks a helluva lot better to have a more clean URL structure.

#5: Google XML Sitemap

Why?  Mainly because it makes it easier for search engines to index your website’s pages and posts.  If you use this plugin, make sure to go to Settings > XML-Sitemap > and click the link to generate your sitemap.  This is super simple.  I just don’t want you to think you’re xml sitemap was created just because you activated the plugin.

Again, these might not be the hippest of the hip plugins, but they are damn useful and because of that, I install these 5 plugins on every WordPress website I create.

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