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Regina Anaejionu

Regina has a HUGE following on her main blog as well as her many other digital products, courses and social media accounts. For good reason. Regina is hands down one of the most put together entrepreneurs I’ve worked with. She needed a re-brand of her website to really help focus on growing her email lists and selling her digital products.

The Designs

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In short, Brad is a web genius who thinks so far beyond other people in his field. It was incredibly refreshing to see that he really cared about the purpose each part of my website needed to serve. And he understands so much about business and being epic online that he was consistently able to offer me insight past what I was thinking. In terms of design, organization, function, and meeting brand goals, there is literally no one on Earth I would recommend more. Now, whenever I read testimonials like this, I think, Is that for real? It sounds tooooo good - but seriously, I mean every single word and had such a great experience that you can feel free to contact me online so that I can tell you how pleased I was to work with Brad. It is an amazing investment to make in your business and future!

— Regina, Online Entrepreneur Ninja

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