Branding & Web Design

Karla Starr

Karla reached out initially to fix a few things on her website. We got to talking and she shared her goals for her business with me and after a few discussions, she decided it made sense to update both her branding and website to represent the direction she wanted to grow her business.


For Karla to grow her online presence and ultimately be able to launch digital products – like an online course – she wanted a clean, timeless look that she wouldn’t have to mess with so she could focus on growth and have the confidence that her brand matched her amazing content.

Web design & development

Karla’s old website was, well, old. It happens. You get used to something, you figure out the little weird quirks that you have to do to change a little bit of text or an image and somehow years go by.

For some people, that path is fine. For Karla, she knew she needed to up her game and simplify editing her site content so she could easily create new landing pages for her opt-ins, events and speaking engagements.

“Stop whatever you’re doing and start working with Brad Hogan—now. I’ve hired web designers, brand consultants, and business strategists, but all I needed this whole time was Brad’s expertise. He created beautiful, user-friendly solutions that have made my life easier while being an absolute joy to work with. I can’t recommend him enough!”