name creation & web design

Work Week Foodie

Arek came to me with a brand spanking new idea – he wanted to create simple, delicious recipes for busy 9-5ers. He had no name for the business and no website. We fixed that.

Web design & development

When a client comes to me with no business (not even a business name!), I get a little nervous. However, Arek’s idea was based on something he’d basically been doing already, he just didn’t have a website (or a name) for it. I helped him with both!

Built around Arek’s amazing knowledge of healthy food recipes and the amazing photos he provided, the end result was a website worthy of the food porn hall of fame (that’s not a thing… well, I don’t think it is at least).

“Brad didn’t only design my site, which BTW I think is awesome, he literally put all these critical elements together (even helping out with some of the copy). He is a great listener – he takes your vision and understand how to turn that into the best user-experience. He puts it all into a structured and meaningful format (i.e. a beautiful site) – clean, simple, intuitive and well thought over design. By the way, I’m not a tech guy but that’s not a problem – he will make it very simple for both you as the admin and your users to understand.”