United Cult

Designed in Sketch. Built in WordPress with the all new WordPress Site Editor and a custom block theme. United Cult’s new site. (launching soon) is fun to browse and easy to get your order placed! An absolutely refreshing take on a cannabis website – most of them are surprisingly boring.

Melissa Cassera

Screenwriter and author, Melissa is an absolute pleasant human to work with. She writes spicy romantic drama and thrillers for multiple TV shows and just recently released her first novel. I designed her site to be clean, fun, and to the point. It’s easy to navigate and super easy for Melissa to add her content as she continues to grow her business.

“I’m OBSESSED with Brad (in a totally non-creepy way, of course). From our first conversation until finish, everything felt breezy & wonderful. My spiffy new site is clean, fun and totally me! I’m also seriously challenged in the update-your-own-website department, but Brad built the back-end so seamlessly, I can literally go in and change, tweak, or add whatever I want. He was super responsive to all my questions and phrased things in a way that was easy for a non-techie to understand. I literally stare at my screen – mouth gaping open – wishing I found Brad years ago. If you’re an entrepreneur, writer, artist – whatever – invest in Brad and you’ll never feel website shame again!”

Sun Source USA

A great org based in my hometown of Las Vegas, Nevada. These guys reached out because they were growing like crazy and needed a better rep for their brand – both on social and their website.

Karla Starr

Author and speaker, Karla reached out because she was releasing a new book, had upcoming interviews on NPR and needed her brand and website to fully represent the direction she was taking her business.

“Stop whatever you’re doing and start working with Brad Hogan—now. I’ve hired web designers, brand consultants, and business strategists, but all I needed this whole time was Brad’s expertise. He created beautiful, user-friendly solutions that have made my life easier while being an absolute joy to work with. I can’t recommend him enough!”


I know you have a lot of options when it comes to building your website and establishing your brand, so I’ll keep this short and sweet. I have 10+ years of experience with design, development, WordPress, social branding design, e-commerce and online membership/course development. I really try to create timeless designs that actually work (and are easy to manage). I’d love to chat about your project! Hit that button and let’s setup a time to see if we should work together.